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The loves of my life: January Russell Winters, model and blogger 

Model and blogger: January Russell Winters. Photo: Kip Carrol

Model and blogger: January Russell Winters. Photo: Kip Carrol

The model and blogger on why Twinkle is her favourite person and how the fact that her hands are bigger than most men's is a source of great pride.

The person

She's not really a person, but she might as well be. Twinkle, my dog, is hands down the best thing I've ever met. I don't think anything will love me as much as she does. If everyone had her enthusiasm when I walked in the door, I'd be a lucky girl

The memory

One time, at a festival, my friends and I dressed up as 'gold'. We danced around to Spandau Ballet (You are gold!). We filled our pockets to the brim with glitter and threw it around the campsite. It was magical! It was also the moment that sparked the beginning of my blog, Gold & Bold

The moment of the day

I live in Killiney, and walk to the Dart station every morning. Smelling the sea and looking over the bay makes me really happy. I'm so lucky to live where I do

The song

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. When I was about four or five years old, I remember my dad standing at the end of my bed, playing it on guitar. The lyrics really got to me, and I started welling up. I ran out of the room crying, and told him I'd got oranges in my eye. I wasn't even eating an orange!

The movie

The original Jungle Book is my favourite film. We watched it to death when we were younger, but it never gets old. I love how enchanting the score is, and the animation is especially delicious

The hero

My grandmother, Wendy. She's such a strong, independent, intelligent, sassy, loving woman. She's over 80 years old, and still travels the world. She most recently returned from Uzbekistan; her next stop is Panama!

The book

I really enjoyed Factotum by Charles Bukowski. It's about the random debauchery of an aspiring writer. I like his style and his grittiness. It does get quite grim, but there's a sense of humour throughout

The outfit

I can generally be found in trainers, jeans and a T-shirt, and one of my favourite jackets. My wardrobe is overflowing with jackets. It's beginning to be a problem

The accessory

Sunglasses. I can't leave the house without sunglasses. Rain or shine, rude or not, I barely take them off. I've got my eye on a new pair of Pradas; I'm still building my collection

The gadget

Although it's on it's last legs, my phone is obviously my favourite gadget. We have a love/hate relationship at the moment. I desperately need a new one, but I just can't seem to part with it. We've been through a lot together

The pet hate

I know it's weird, but my pet hate is any sort of annoying sound. Muffled music, chewing, tapping, murmurs of a TV through a wall, out-of-sync beats, out-of-tune singing . . . I could go on. I feel like I get a physical pain in my body from sounds I don't like

The friend

I cherish every single one of my friends. I'm always so grateful for the friends that I have. I couldn't pick a better bunch

The beauty product

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I don't go anywhere without it. I'm fully addicted; I'd marinate myself in the stuff if I could

The holiday

It was more of a 'working' holiday, but the first season I spent in Milan was ridiculously fun. I was lucky enough to work and travel across a lot of Italy and parts of Switzerland. Every day was like a little adventure, meeting new people, seeing new things, tasting everything. I loved it

The piece of advice

Bad things happen, but good things always come from bad situations. Always be grateful. Live your life, and be gold!

The drink

A Pina Colada. I've yet to find a good one in Dublin, but if anyone knows of where to get one, please tell me. Extra points if they're served with cocktail umbrellas and any other sort of kitsch

The hotel

One of the nicest hotels I've stayed in recently is the Merchant Hotel in Belfast. I was there for a job with model and bestie Jenny Drea. I had a bedroom the size of my house, and the most decadent breakfast I've ever gorged on. We couldn't say no to the rooftop jacuzzi, either!

The bar

Pygmalion off South William Street is always my go-to spot to meet my mates. We normally sit outside, talk rubbish and drink cocktails. I like the atmosphere there. I can always convince friends passing by to stay for a drink

The hobby

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable things that I do. I'm always thirsty for new music; I love discovering what other people listen to. Nothing makes me feel as good as when I hear a song that I love

The part of my body

My hands. I think they're nice, but I'm more proud of the fact that they're bigger than most men's!

The celebrity

I'm not great at stalking celebrities, but I'm obsessed with Conor McGregor. His charisma, ambition, humour and talent really inspire me (and he's a bit of a babe!)

The virtue

I'm definitely loyal, fun and I'm a good friend. I've never leaked a secret, and I'm always up for an adventure

The vice

I'm a bit of brat. My friends call me a stroppy teenager sometimes. I wish I was better at remembering names, but I blame my dad for that. I can be quite impatient, and that's something I really need to work on

The smell

A discontinued bottle of Alexander McQueen perfume. It doesn't have a name; it's impossible to get hold of. I have a bottle hidden away for special occasions

The taste

Anything with truffles. I don't get to eat them as often as I'd like, but maybe that's a good thing. It keeps them special


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