Movie Review: Mindhorn


The Isle of Man, 80’s detective drama that Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barrett) was once able to literally ‘see the truth’ through his bionic eye. 25 years on and Richard finds himself washed up, out of shape and living in a bedsit in London. He gets a phone call from the police department, serial killer is on the loose. The main suspect, an obsessed fan who thinks Mindhorn is real life, demands to speak solely to Mindhorn. Richard disgracefully (yet cunningly) sees this as a PR op.  He legs it to the Island, hooks up with his ex-fling Patricia Deville (Essie Davis) only to find that she’s now happily married, in mansion to Clive (Simon Barnaby), his old time stunt double. Devo for him! Not too sure if Clive is Dutch or South African to begin with but he’s one of the funniest characters I’ve seen in a long time.

The film has those 70’s ‘Anchorman’ vibes but on a much lower budget which makes it even funnier, it’s kind of like a long sketch dragged out but there’s nothing wrong with that. At times I had to double check what I was watching and then realised its ridiculousness. It’s definitely full of giggles, Richards ‘Mindhorn Suit’ that he gets glued into by the suspect serial killer still gives me a good chuckle. It’s worth a watch even for Steve Coogan’s cameo with his ridiculously ripped bod.

There's no trailer for this yet but here's Simon Farnaby and Julian Barratt on the British Independent Film Awards. Mindhorn as a release date sometime in May.  

Vibe: Good to watch with a few pals, funny and chill, easy on the eye.