Movie Review: Snowpiercer


Snowpiercer is an apocalyptic action thriller by Korean director Boon Jong-Ho.  When a climate change experiment goes wrong Earth is sent into its second ice-age. 18 years on the surviving population remain on a self-sufficient train with a cut throat class divide. Luxury and power to the front-poor unfortunates to the back.

The second revolution is sparked and the ‘tail end’ passengers try to make it to the ‘sacred engine’ at the ‘head’ of the train. Tilda Swinton as the voice of the elite (serious Maggie Thatcher vibes) and John Hurt (as a Gandalf type figure) are among some of its impressive cast.  There are some pretty awesome fight scenes and cool sets designs going on. It’s an absurdly violent blockbuster type film but it’s full of surprises. Well worth a watch.  

Vibe: Big shooty, fighty action Blockbuster. Lots of loud noises, needs high energy.