Movie Review: The Salesman

The Salesman 

Set in Iran, The Salesman begins with the two main characters Emad and Rana evacuating their apartment. They move to a ‘shabbier’ new apartment (personally I think it looks slick).Their new neighbours fill them in on the previous shady tenant describing her as “a woman with a lot of acquaintances” Ooh, shifty! The doorbell rings, Rana buzzes the door. An ex-client of the previous tenant strolls up and BAM! Rana is in hospital with a head injury.

It’s unclear what exactly happened but this incident changes their whole relationship. The film is a heavy going watch but it’s engaging all the way through. With the ‘fly on the wall’ camera style and the naturalness of all the actors, it’s easy to see how The Salesman earned Director Asghar Farhadi his second Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.    

Vibe: Cultural, subtitled flick requiring a lot of concentration. Don't watch hungover.