Venice Beach  


I arrived to LA on my own and booked into the Samesun Hostel on Winward Avenue, Venice. I'd never really stayed in a hostel before but I figured I'd have more chance of meeting people and having the craic than if I stayed in a hotel. Being slightly hungover from a rowdy flight I jumped into a taxi and headed for Venice. 


I was first greeted by a bunch of skaters who seemed friendly but I was a jet lagged and headed for my room. There was a young guy lying on the floor at the reception desk claiming to be having a heart attack. I think he was just drunk or on a lot of drugs. Either way we called an ambulance and he was on his way to the hospital. LA was already proving intense.


I got to my room and chilled out for a sec and realised, 'I was in fucking LA, what was I doing sitting in a room with 6 empty beds?!' I grabbed the quarter of wine that one of my 'new mates' from the flight had stolen for me . Off I went to roam the streets.


I met up with the skater boys, we bought 40's and chilled around Venice Beach. 

6 hours later we were cruising around LA drinking Four Loko, this was exactly what I wanted from LA.